ชื่อผลิตภัณฑ์ : เครื่องช่วยกระบวนการปั๊มและฟื้นคืนชีพ
(Miniaturized mechanical chest compressor)

Model : MCC-E1, MCC-E5


Compression Risk

Soft start, provide the adaptation period to compression, reduce fracture risk.

3D compression combines the advantages of cardiac pump and thoracic pump, reducing the impact of compression.

The gravity center of device is lower than 15cm, and it does not topple when moving at a high speed to avoid hurting patients.

Battery working for 60 minutes and 100-240V AC power supply makes compression uninterrupted.

Improve Resuscitation Efficiency

3D compression, patented by Weil Critical Care Medicine, provides higher CPP

Keep continuous high-quality compres sion in mobile environment and stairway transportation to maximize CCF.

Thoracic cavity is three dimensional fixed, with consistent pressing position and no displacement

Construct the chain of resuscitation, linkage with ePAQ Pro, detect the compression and physiological parameters on the same screen.

Suitable for Complex Environment

IP34 and EN1789 Certification.

Support the work at 45° inclination for Head-Up CPR

Can be used in the preparation of ECPR, hyphthermia treatment, PCI therapy.

Separate compression device and control panel.

Smart Tool
for Resuscitation

Compression depth and rate can be continuously adjusted to find the best compression strategy for individual patients.

CPR data can be displayed in real time and CCF can be feedback immediately after compression.

Multiple data communication and output modes, such as USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.

An ideal tool for building a”monitoring, analysis and improvement” CQI System.


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